Frequently Asked Questions

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We love your finished films, but what does it look like working with you guys on our day?

We want this to be easy and seamless for you. We use small camera setups that aren’t obtrusive. We want to capture your day as it happens, and we are very intentional and low key about it. You’ve seen our work so you know we shoot docu-style films. We give little direction but work shoulder-to-shoulder with your photographer as they direct your day. This is YOUR FILM. We honestly feel honored that you chose us, so let us know what YOU want, and we will make it happen.

How far ahead should we book you?

As soon as you decide we’re a good fit for you guys and your vibe! We do fill up, and we limit the number of weddings we take so we can give proper care and attention to each of our couples. We recommend booking us as soon as you love us!


What kind of gear do you use?

We shoot on professional digital cameras including the Sony A7S and Sony A7R series. We are heavily dedicated to our Zeiss cinematic lenses (of which we have many). We also use vintage Canon Super 8mm cameras. Those aren’t filters folks—it’s the real deal!

Your music choices are killer! Who chooses the music for our film?

We feel pretty passionately that this is a collaboration between us and our couples. We’ll always ask for a playlist of songs that you guys love—whether they are songs that mean something significant to you, songs you like the sound of, or whatever. (A lot of couples send us a Spotify playlist). This helps us get a feel for your musical vibe. Based off your playlist and our footage, we obsessively dig and dig and dig until we find what we feel goes perfectly with your taste and with the footage we shot. Sometimes we use a song directly off your list, often we use same artists, but always similar sounds/vibe. AND you always have veto power, so if you get something back and you aren’t into it, just tell us and we’ll go back to the drawing board. If there’s a song you definitively want in your film, let us know, and we’ll do everything we can to make it work. We aren’t divas about it, and this is your film after all.

We love our film but would also like the raw footage, is that possible?

Sure. Keep in mind that a finished film vs. raw footage is kind of like the difference between handing you over a finished meal vs. a slaughtered cow. If you send us a hard drive and a pre=paid shipping label, we’ll send it to you, but just know, it won’t all be pretty.

What is your turn around time?

We get you sneak peek, or little teaser, within about 1 month of your wedding day. For everything else, plan on 3-4 months depending on how busy our season is. This is because we do not outsource our editing. It’s really important to us to take our time getting you the perfect film that you will adore and watch forever.


Do you require a deposit?

We require a $1000 deposit at the time of booking. This and the signed agreement is what locks in your date!

We didn’t plan for videography and are on a tight budget, are you flexible with pricing?

We are flexible with the way we structure our packages, so there is a little wiggle room in that sense. If you have any specific questions, reach out to us. We are a married couple, and we GET IT. We actually didn’t have a videographer for our wedding many moons ago, and it is our biggest/only regret from our otherwise perfect and best day. Even if we can’t make it work within your budget, we might be able to recommend others who could.